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Wednesday, 28 March 2007
Here is a information about the motorcycle and the modification that have been done.


Motorcycle :      Yamaha XT 660 R 2007 

This is how the motorcycle is new from the shop.

  yamaha xt660











The luggage rack for topcase: Yamaha

yamaha grind








Bigger windshield
:    Yamaha

This is not the biggest windshield, but it brakes most of the wind.  I do not want to have to high windshield, because then it can be in your way in difficult situation when for example you have to stand up.


yamah gler








The seat:

We used the original seat, but Auðunn Jónsson modified it.  He took the seat pan a little bit back and reduced the forward angle of the seat.  He also widened the pan and finally covered it with a very good textile specially made for motorcycles.

RTW  myndir 022


Handguard:   Yamaha

yamaha handhlíf








Spoiler for handguard
:  Yamaha

yamaha spoiler








Ultra Heavy Duty tubes :

Michelin 4mm tubes that we put in from the beginning.  These tubes are great are almost as a tire inside the tire.              


yamaha slanga


We decided to use Pelican cases for the trip.  We have used them before and comparing to aluminium cases, the plastic Pelican is much better.  A little bit heavier but much stronger.  We bought the hardware for the luggage rack from Touratech.


RTW  myndir 001     RTW  myndir 091  

  RTW  myndir 003

RTW  myndir 092


Inner bags:  Seglagerðin Ægir

Theese bags are custom made for us to fit inside the Pelican bags. Very strong material and zipper.

RTW  myndir 002







The luggage rack:     Hebco & Becker

The luggage rack are from Hebco & Becker and we had to modify them a little bit so they could work with the toprack from Yamaha.  It is an small modification.

yamaha grind

RTW  myndir 083


Tank bag:   Off the road

Very good bag.  I have used it before and I like them

yamaha tankbag






Sump guard
:           Off the road

Strong and good sump guard.  After we took the original exhaust system away, we needed another guard because the Yamaha guard did not fit.

yamaha hlífðarpanna

RTW  myndir 064


Center stand:        Off the Road

Strong and very good center stand.  This is a must to have when you travel far away because  you have to be able to work on the bike and take the wheels off and the bike still stands.

yamaha standari






Bigger fuel tank 26 ltr. (7,5 gallon)
     Off the Road

The fuel tank is made of plastic.  It is a lot of work to install it.  An extra fuel pump comes with it and you have to find a place for it and fix it there.  This fuel pump pump the fuel from the lowest part of the tank.  Then you have to connect it to the vacum of the motor.  Also you have to replase the cooling reservor and place it under the seat.  Then off course you have to paint it and put on some graphics.  But with this tank you can ride apr. 550 km.  ( 350 miles )

yamaha tankur

RTW  myndir 084

RTW  myndir 020 RTW  myndir 026



Exhaust system 2 into 1:     Off the Road

This exhaust system is much better than the original.  Just by removing the old one and install the new one, the bike is 13 kg lighter !  Also the lowest point on bike is much higher because the original exhaust was under the motor and the lowest part of the bike.  The only thing we had to change was the reservoir for the rear brake.

yamaha púst

RTW  myndir 034

RTW  myndir 023   RTW  myndir 066


The handle bar:      WRP Fat Bar

The original handle bar is much weaker, and therefore we choose to put new aluminium Fat Bar instead.

yamaha stýri









Handle bar raiser:

The handle bar is raised approx. 3,5 cm and the bike is much better after.

RTW  myndir 108


Cruise control: 

I found this simple system in USA this winter when I was browsing through a motorcycle shop there.  It is very simple to install and can help you a lot when riding on long legs.  It is good to rest the hand sometimes.

RTW  myndir 113    RTW  myndir 087



Gps: Global positioning system:    Garmin Zumo 550

Very good GPS reciver and specially made for motorcycle.  It is wind and waterproof and is very easy to use, even if you have thick gloves on your hand.  It has a large memory so we can put all the maps we need into it. 

yamaha zumo


RTW  myndir 109


Water supply:    Homemade:

We decided to use the space that came when we took the original exhaust system away.  We put in a tube that we can use for water. Two Pepsi Max 2liter bottles fits exactly in there.  So we have in total 4 liters of water on each bike.

RTW  myndir 117    RTW  myndir 121


Power supply: 

We put in the extra power outlet inside the top case.  We use this to charge all kinds of electric equipment, phones, cameras, video etc.


RTW  myndir 115   RTW  myndir 116



Við settum drullusokka að aftan og framan til að hlífa okkur við að blotna og verða eins skítugir þegar við hjólum í rigningu.  Við keyptum einfaldlega efni hjá Efnissölunni uppi á höfða og sniðum og skrúfuðm á.

RTW  myndir 114


Radios:  Icom

Talstöðvarnar eru frá ICOM sem Aukaraf flytur inn og hefur umboð fyrir.  Þetta eru frábærar stöðvar sem leysa öll okkar samskiptamál á leiðinni kringum hnöttinn.  Við þær tengjum við rofa sem festur er á stýrið og í þann rofa tengjum við svo headsettin sem eru í hjálmunum.  Þetta virkar frábærlega.  Headsettin eru frá Peltor og það er verslunin Dynjandi sem flytur þau inn.  Þetta eru frábær sett og þola mikið hnjask og má nefna að allar björgunarsveitir á Íslandi nota þessi sett.

RTW  myndir 127   RTW  myndir 125   RTW  myndir 126


Before and after:

Here you can see the bike before and after modification:

orginal yamaha

RTW  myndir 096



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