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Thursday, 08 February 2007

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This is the way I'll be going,roughly sketched. Estimated time of the journey is 3 months.
The adventure will start this upcoming spring, or to be exact, May 8th 2007, when the travelers set off to Seyðisfjörður where they'll go on board Norræna. The first destination will be the Faroe Islands and from there they will go to Bergen in Norway. After that they'll ride through north Norway and Sweden and then south Finland to Helsinki.  There they will take a ferry to Tallin in Estonia and ride through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Into Belarus and the into Russia. In Russia they will keep going east all the way to Mongolia, back to Russia and through Siberia and all the way to Vladivostok.  There they'll take ferry to Japan and fly from there to Alaska.  There they'll continue the ride through Canada over to the east coast of the US. To complete the journey they will be airfreighted back to Iceland and ride to Reykjavík.



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