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Monday, 18 August 2008

Day 6.

There hasn't been much riding today. They went from Vestmanna to Thorshavn, about 40km/25mi, and then sailed to Sandoy where they rode across the island, 25km/15mi in each direction from where they got off the ferry. After that they went back to Thorshavn where they looked around the Thorshavn Fort which was built to defend the people from the Turks around the same time they were kidnapping people from the WestMan Islands around Iceland.

They went to a concert at the Nordic house with Jónas Ingimundarson (Icelandic pianist) and enjoyed it very much.

In the Faroe Islands they celebrate their Sundays and almost everything is closed. Fortunately they found a restaurant that's open as they've been eating hotdogs and fast food for the past few days as everything closed at 5pm on Vestmanna.

There are a number of people on motorcycles from the UK and Italy that came over on Smyril Line with them and they've been running in them here and there on the Islands.

The weather has been fine, foggy, silghtly cloudy and a bit of rain all day. Temperature around 13C/55F.

Smyril Line leaves tomorrow around noon and they'll arrive in Scrabster in Scotland early Wednesday morning.

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