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June 8th 2007 - Russia again PDF Print
Friday, 08 June 2007

Finally they're back in Russia. It took about 5 hours crossing the border, waiting and doing paperwork. The boarder control looked thoroughly at their papers as they'd not come across many Icelandic people in their job. Mostly there were Mongolians crossing the borders and everything is checked very well before they're allowed into the country.

They rode about 400km total and are now at GMT+9

They're at Ulan-Ude and are on the 9th floor of a hotel. When going to take a shower the hot water was taking its sweet time getting there so it was probably on the colder side.

The bikes were stored in the hotel basement amongst all sorts of pipes and cables.

Tomorrow they'll go to Lake Baikal and then further East.

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June 7th 2007 - The papers went through PDF Print
Thursday, 07 June 2007

Today the VISA came through as planned and the brothers were very happy to continue on their journey around the world

They rode 220km but didn't get going until 5pm after filling up on gas and getting their things ready.

On their way they met an Australian man in his 50s and has been going all over the world on a motorbike. They talked for a while and accepted good advice.

As they'd gotten the right gas can in Ulan-Batar they were able to cook supper with their cooking gear. Einar also bought a new mattress as his had a puncture and therefor not comfortable to sleep on. They found a small clearing to cam in and will continue to Lake Baikal tomorrow. First they'll have to get into Russia though and hopefully that'll go well.

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June 6th 2007 - The Swedish guy PDF Print
Wednesday, 06 June 2007

This morning they went outside the city and amongst other things rode a camel. Returning to the hotel there was a Swedish guy stepping off his bike. He's traveling around the world like our two travelers and going a similar route.

The feeling is that journey number 2 is  coming up and can't wait to get on. Hopefully the papers will be ready at 2pm and they'll be able to take off right away. The first stop is Lake Baikal.

Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be an interview on the Icelandic radio.

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June 5th 2007 - Tourists in Mongolia PDF Print
Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Today the brothers looked around the capital and visited, amongst other things the National Museum. They've also made arrangements to get their clothes laundered, which was needed, and made adjustments to the cooking equipment as well as getting new containers for the petrol.

Tonight they had dinner at a Mongolian restaurant and ordered steak. The cooking happened at the table but the atmosphere was very American in their opinion. Þór from the Red Cross came to see them and they had a long talk. And later headed to an Irish pub where Mongolian music was played by a really good guitarist.

Tomorrow they'll head outside the city and look around. They're getting anxious though and want to get going. Thursday is the day they'll get the papers and hopefully everything will go as planned. 

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June 4th 2007 - Applying for a VISA back into Russia PDF Print
Monday, 04 June 2007

Today they applied for the VISA back into Russia and were told to return on Thursday at 2pm to pick it up.

The bikes were rested today but they've been walking around the city and looking around. The temperature is about 27°C (81°F). Currently the time difference is 8 hours as Mongolia doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time.

This is the 30th day of the trip, amazing. Both the fact that they've been traveling this long and that it's still 2 months until they'll return home.

It's good that they're getting a few days rest before continuing on the next part of their journey. 

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