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June 17th 2007 - Khabarovsk PDF Print
Sunday, 17 June 2007

Today they rode a little more than 300km in 23°C (73°F). When they entered the city Khabarovsk they took a side road and after a little while they met the police and decided to ask for directions. Of course they didn't understand a word but soon a couple with a small child in their car arrived and the husband, Alexai, knew about 3 words of English. They managed to make him understand that they were looking for a hotel by calling Alexei's friend (who spoke English) and Einar explaining their dilemma to him and then him translating to Alexei, problem solved. They followed Alexei to the main tourist hotel of the town. It's been wonderful to experience how helpful the people are and it's much appreciated.

At the hotel they booked a room and took a hot and long awaited shower which was needed after riding in the heat and dust. They soaked the riding gear and left it in the bathtub for a while.

There's a beauty salon at the hotel and Sverrir took a seat and asked to get a buzz cut. The poor girl hesitantly asked if he was sure that's what he wanted, and yes he was. Satisfied that the customer is always right she cut his hair. Next Einar got in the chair and asked for the same. This is probably the first and only time she's had two customers asking for this the same day as she looked very confused during all of this. But they got their buzz cuts in the end. However the beards were left alone.

Today is their mother's birthday and she's celebrating with her husband in Paris. They called to wish her a happy birthday as do all of us here.

There are good pictures on Google Earth from Khabarovs, amongst them some from a beach that's close to their hotel and the plan is to go there and take a look for themselves.

Happy June 17th from Russia 

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June 16th 2007 - Bringing out the rain clothes PDF Print
Saturday, 16 June 2007

After waking up in a cloudy weather they decided to wear their rain clothes during the ride today. They found the asphalt again which was a relief and rode some 500km today.

The total after having been 40 days on the road is 16'000km.

Tonight they camped next to some train tracks and it'll be interesting to see how well they'll sleep to night, choo choo... 

When they gave the report the 'chef' was preparing the noodles, offering a bit of meat and cheese for flavoring and olives as an appetizer.

Don't forget to take a look at Sverrir's blog. 

June 15th 2007 - Back down on the plains PDF Print
Friday, 15 June 2007

Today they rode about 400km. The first 300 on a coarse dirt road that was very dirty but then all of a sudden they were riding on a nice asphalt road with streetlights. It didn't last long and before they knew it there were cement blocks blocking their way. Some Russians on a 4WD directed them towards a country road surrounded by fields and plains.

It's getting warmer during the night which was expected as their altitude is only ab out 150m there.

Yesterday going to the store it filled with people.  Sverrir took pictures and spoke in Icelandic too them. As they were about to leave an employee came along with a picture of all the employees and asked them to autograph it for them. This has been a reoccurring thing during their trip.

Then today at the store they met an approx. 12yr old girl who spoke pretty good English and asked them where they were from and chatted for a bit. After that a guy who was a bit tipsy asked them for their autograph.

Einars odomoter is at 15'555 at the moment which makes their average about 402km a day. 

The tires are working out well, taking everything they've thrown at them.

Tomorrow they'll try and find their way to the direct road to Vladivostok but they've got about 1'700km to get there.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 June 2007 )
June 14th 2007 - Thursday interview. PDF Print
Thursday, 14 June 2007

It was good hearing from the two brothers today. They rode 380km on a semi decent road.

They got news of the Swedish guy, his bike broke down and he was heading to Vladivostok and from there to Japan where he'll get it fixed.

There's a particular type of fly bugging them at the moment, sort of like what's called 'hrossafluga' in Icelandic only this one bites. Sverrir had bought a repellent in the US and they're using it at the moment with good results.

For the Icelandic speaking audience we remind you of the interview this morning on the National Radio station #2 

June 13th 2007 - Butterflies PDF Print
Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Today they rode about 340km on a very bad road, newly built but only half finished and very rough. 

It was sunny and nice out during the day but they did have some problems finding a place to pitch the tent as they are riding through woodlands. In one place they were riding almost through a swamp where Einar ended on his side yet again. Luckily it wasn't a hard fall, just a slow lean. In the end they ended up camping in a rock mine, lit a fire and Einar got dressed in his  fly-gear (ie. the bike gear) so he'll hopefully not get bitten tonight.

The difference between the temperatures during the day and night are rather extreme to the point of them using the bike-jakets as covers while asleep.

Apparently there's a lot of maggots in Siberia and the Russians have been poisoning them. However our two travelers have been noticing a lot of butterflies so the maggot season may be over for now. It has to be said that butterflies are much more pleasant than maggots.

They saw the Swedish guy again today. This time riding in a truck with his bike in the back. As they didn't get a chance to speak to him it remains a question what happened, possibly the bike broke down or there's always the chance of the guy having given up on this road and hitched a ride towards Vladivostok. We'll have to wait and see. Until then, 'bye from the mine.

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