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June 26th 2007 - Japan PDF Print
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Finally they've arrived in Japan. They have the motorcycles already, about a day ahead of their estimation. It's a special feeling riding Japanese motorcycles, having ridden from Iceland all the way to Japan on them.

It's been a short day today, only around 30km/18mi on the left side of the road. There was a minor detour but they recovered quickly. All the signs are in Japanese, of course, and not very easy to understand. Also the people don't really speak any English so communication is complicated.

There were a lot of Drive-In hotels on the way, something they considered to take advantage of the first night. However they soon realised that the hotels were for prostitutes and their clients. The room might have been inexpensive but the service costs extra.

Today's leader found a luxury hotel where they decided to spend the night instead.

The plan for the next few days is to go to Tokyo and be there before Thursday, They'll need to go to the embassy to get papers and get information about the flights to Alaska. A motorcycle club in Tokyo has been in touch, Cayjun, and they might meet some of it's members.

It's about 25°C/77F and a humid mist in Japan, the time difference between Iceland and Japan is 9 hours.

Yesterday they had spent 7 weeks on the trip and around 6 weeks left.

June 25th 2007 - On route to Japan PDF Print
Monday, 25 June 2007

It feels good to be on the go again. The ferry they're on is a bit smaller than Smyril line (the boat they went on from Iceland to the Faeroe Islands and then to Norway). It's comfortable and they slept well the first night. As they've got every meal provided for them during the trip they feel like they don't do anything other than eat. You have to be at your table at a predetermined mealtime, otherwise you'll go without as there's nowhere else to go. 

June 24th -2007 - Vladivostok day 6 PDF Print
Sunday, 24 June 2007

Finally. The motorcycles went on board the ferry around 6pm and at 9.30pm they were still waiting at customs, finally they got on the ferry at 1am and the ferry left at 2am.

Right now they're in the middle of the ocean and just a few ships around in the distance.

There are a few hundred people on the ferry but not many vehicles, just a couple of motorcycles. 

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June 23rd 2007 - Vladivostok day 5 PDF Print
Saturday, 23 June 2007
Still playing tourists and waiting for Sunday to come round. They'll have to check out of the hotel at 10am, bring the motorcycles to the ferry at 4pm and then the ferry is supposed to depart at 9pm.
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June 22nd 2007 - Vladivostok day 4 PDF Print
Friday, 22 June 2007

Today they continued to work on sorting out the paperwork but also took some time out to look at some old submarines from WWII. 

The ferry they'll be taking as arrived in Vladivostok but doesn't head out until 9pm on Sunday evening so they'll continue to play tourists until departure. 

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