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May 21st 2007 - Nizhniy Novgorod PDF Print
Monday, 21 May 2007

Our two travelers woke up at 8am this morning only to realize that the clock on the TV said 9am, yet another timezone shift - they're +4 hours from Iceland. The temperature is around 30°C (86°F).

They rode through Nizhniy Novgorod without a map so it was slightly tricky to find their way. The traffic is fast which didn't help. Apart from that the scenery has been monotonous, flat and woodlands, but today it's changed some.

The price of accommodations has changed fast, the day before yesterday they paid 3'000 rubles for a room, yesterday 2'400 rubles and today only 280 rubles.

The bikes are doing well, despite Einar's bike having fallen twice (nothing got damaged).

Tonight they're staying at a roadside motel that they first thought were ruins. A man walked out of it so they decided it couldn't be completely demolished and checked it out (that might explain the low price on accommodations). The flies are apparently hungry as Einar has now been bitten 20 times.

Total km for today 460. 

May 20th 2007 - Near Moscow PDF Print
Sunday, 20 May 2007

After a good nights sleep they went on to Moscow. They rode 620 km with the sun shining and the temperature around 25°C (77°F) making them feel like they're melting inside the protective bike gear.

There were long stretches where little was to be seen but as they got closer to Moscow things changed and everything started to look more modern, almost as if they were riding towards a large American city. They didn't enter Moscow itself but stayed on the outskirts.

It took two hours to find a place to sleep, Rock Ruruua Tepem. There they had a very good potato salad with not so good grilled "stuff" as they put it.

They've begun noticing the flies and Einar has been bitten twice already so the repellents will be used from now on.

May 19th 2007 - Russia PDF Print
Saturday, 19 May 2007

This morning they woke up in rain and headed towards the Russian borders. As they went on the sun came out and the rain stopped. At the Russian borders they had to wait for 4 hours before being allowed to enter the country. Yes, they've arrived in Russia.

Tonight they'll stay at a hotel and as they were paying for the room they got the feeling that they'd been asked to pay slightly more than the usual asking price - something that's not unexpected.

Total km for today 300. 

May 18th 2007 - Latvia PDF Print
Friday, 18 May 2007

Today they went to the boarders of Belarus. Everything went well when they passed the first two gates, but at the third ones they were asked to step in to a dark room full of military men. The papers were stamped and looked at but the travelers were not allowed into Belarus and had to turn around.

This meant going back to Latvia and from there they'll head in to Russia tomorrow. The temperature today has been 20°C (68°F) and it's been sunny.

Riding through Vilnius was slow due to traffic. The city itself is not a pretty sight. When they got out in to the country they rode past two large prisons and didn't like what they saw.

Earlier today they went to a supermarket and bought food and water as they expected to camp for the first time durig the trip. They rode past a house marked Garden and thought at first that they'd come to some sort of nursery but instead it's a 4 start hotel where they booked a room. They're the only guests at the hotel and the bikes were parked on the lower balcony next to the pool table.

Total km for today, 420. 

May 17th 2007 - Lithuania PDF Print
Thursday, 17 May 2007

Today they're approx. 60 km inside Lithuania.

They rode hard through Estonia, Latvia and in to Lithuania, experiencing Eastern Europe more and more. Old Volgas mixed in with modern cars. Driving through Latvia they took the country roads to get a little more change in the scenery, seeing lots of storks standing on poles.

At the moment they're at a small hotel where they've got a shower in the middle of the living room and the bathroom is out in the hall.

Tomorrow the plan is to go to Vilnius and from the to the boarders of Belarus, seeing if they'll be able to go that route. If not they'll return to Latvia and enter Russia through there.

They went 520km today and the odometer on Einar's bike says 4.499km having driven about 500 of those here in Iceland. This means they've driven 4.000 km so far and there are 28.000km to go!

Sverrir has added pictures to his blog so be sure to go there and take a look. 

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